Sales Management

You can concurrently manage all the sales channels such as Wholesale, Retail, Dealers, E-Trade etc. You can manage your sales transactions in a controlled manner through successive processes such as quotations, orders, dispatch notes, invoices etc.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management function allows you to interdependently manage all the processes from quotations to invoices. You can comfortably work with foreign currencies. You can place your orders through online or offline using phones and handheld terminals.

Stocktaking Management

You will be able to count the stock based on the sections and companies in a controlled or uncontrolled manner and, report the stock differences through your mobile devices.

Price Management

It is very easy to send the price changes to the cash registers in the stores, transfer the sales files to the program, send the price to the scales and introduce the related devices.

Current Account Management

You are free to group the current account cards in any manner of your choice, defining them as main current accounts and sub-current accounts. Any activity carried out in a sub-current account will trigger a corresponding activity in the respective main current account, allowing you to monitor the amounts of the total credits and debts on the main current account.

Warehouse Management

Thanks to the stock levels that are identifiable based on the warehouse, you can carry out the good acceptance and shipment procedures in a controlled manner and, make sure that there are sufficient quantities of products available in the warehouse. You are free to carry out the shipment procedures between the warehouses in a fast and practical manner using your own mobile devices.

Product Combination and Separation

WorkGroup works based on the concept of both induction and deduction. You can create product set prescriptions at any time you may need. You are free to drop from your stock these sets as they are sold or give an instruction for the number of production and make sales from the sets manufactured.

Mobile Applications

With mobile devices, you can make counts based on department, company based, controlled or uncontrolled, and you can report the differences as you want according to count corrections.

Equivalent and Rival Products

Using the function equivalent products, you can see and track the price differences of the equivalent products as you define from a single stock.

Using the function rival products, you can easily create a more comfortable negotiation environment for your purchasing manager based on the sales and profitability of the products


Satınalma yapılan firmalar ile sözleşmeler yapıp bunların takibini kağıt ortamdan kurtarabilirsiniz. Bu da sizin kesmeniz gereken hizmet faturalarının takibini çok kolay hale getirecektir.

The point where technology turns into business


You can work at any platform of your choice. You can access your data from anywhere.

Mobile Compliant

Feel the power in your palms thanks to its mobile compliant structure. Don’t be doomed to work at an office.

E-Government Transformations

WorkGroup offers e-invoice and e-archive solutions to the respective companies.

New Generation Cash Register Integration

We may help you complete your integration with the new generation systems while maintaining your existing PC and printer hardware.


Feel the power in your palms. Don’t be doomed to work at an office.

Feel the power! Freedom!

The warehouse is in your hands! The warehouse is in your hands! Control it!

The warehouse is in your hands!Control it!

The easiest way to dominate the market! The easiest way to dominate the market!

The easiest way to dominate the market!


Who We Are ?

About Us

Getting knowledge is no more sufficient by itself in today’s world. No matter under which conditions you compere, using the information in a fast and productive manner in line with your objectives will allow you to be one step ahead. WorkGroup Software House produces technological solutions for you to manage the respective data in the age of information. We work with you as a solution partner to increase the competitive power of your company based on the philosophy “Not for the Customer, but with the Customer”.

Life gets accelerated, conditions quickly change, and the market is constantly growing. So, is your company able to keep pace with this acceleration, growth and change? WorkGroup Software House quickly puts into practice technological solutions suitable for the business life that increasingly gets mobilized and faster. It continues designing special logistics solutions for you so that you will be able to increase the turnover of your company, save the costs and, accelerate your business operations.


And as an ever improving and high performance team, we are committed to operate in a systematic manner with a team spirit to develop customer oriented solutions being open to advanced technology and innovations at this competitive and ever changing sector.


Mission are to be a company, that helps the corporations, with which it works as a strategic business partner beyond a service provider, that creates a difference, that is successful and, the footsteps of which is followed in Turkey and the world, and that is forward looking and innovative.